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Why Should You Choose The Trash Courier?

Our services are designed to bring increased satisfaction, security, and convenience to you, your staff, and your residents. Countless roommate disputes, leaking bags, and late night walks to the dumpster have taught us that a valet trash service is the one amenity that 100% of your residents will use.

Trash Removal Service in Middle Tennessee
Trash Removal Service in Middle Tennessee

Here’s How It Works:

Trash CRemoval Service Middle Tennessee

1. You start by partnering with The Trash Courier to make your property’s doorstep trash removal easier than ever!

Trash Removal Service Middle Tennessee

2. Trash Courier delivers an 11-gallon trash can to the door of each unit.

Trash Removal Service Middle Tennessee

3. Residents use the trash can normally, making sure all waste is contained in bags, and place the can outside the front door of their unit on each night of pickup.

Trash Removal Service Middle Tennessee

4. Sun-Thur after 8 P.M., our team collects the trash from each resident’s front door.

Trash Removal Service Middle Tennessee

5. We dispose of the trash at your community’s onsite dumpster or compactor.

Trash CRemoval Service Middle Tennessee

6. Residents relax because the cost of service is already included in their rent, so there is no need to remember monthly payments!

But Wait, There’s More!

On top of our valet trash service, we offer services that increase your company’s efficiency and revenue. These additional services let your maintenance staff focus on maintenance problems instead of trash-related issues, and more residents will be satisfied with the ease and cleanliness of living in your community.

Unit Cleaning Service

You and your residents can say goodbye to final walkthroughs and stressful cleaning fee invoices! Our team can provide you with a top-to-bottom cleaning of every unit as old residents move out and new ones take their place.

Additional Services

To free up your maintenance and office staff’s time and reduce your need to outsource more labor, we offer the following services:

  • Breezeway
  • Blowing
  • Nightly Pool Furniture Reset
  • Dumpster Pressure Washing
  • Pet Waste Removal

We love to do what you hate to do!

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