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Shannon Ford is a businessman who takes pride in providing a service that is valuable and fair to every party involved. Originally from Chattanooga, TN, Shannon moved to Murfreesboro to pursue his degree in Business Management at MTSU. He worked in property management for 7 years, and it was there that he saw many of the problems that property owners, maintenance staff, and residents often face regarding trash cleanup.

He saw how residents were being affected by trash removal complications. He also saw how maintenance staff was being taken away from important jobs by cleaning tasks that could easily be completed by another party. Property owners and managers lost money when residents were dissatisfied and operations are inefficient, so Shannon decided to meet all these needs and more with a trash valet service that goes above and beyond.

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With his background in business management and his experience in community living, Shannon knows a good property investment when he sees one. He understands that companies who avoid the upfront price of a great service eventually incur a bigger cost over time from inefficient cash flow, overtime wages, service fees, unpaid room charges, poor customer retention, and more.

Shannon is confident that The Trash Courier is a service that increases employee and resident satisfaction and provides exceptional value to property managers for years to come. See for yourself how valuable we are by getting your free quote today!

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